Mind the gap – film

sie 7, 2020 | inspiracje, wartości

Rozpoznawanie emocji to trudne zadanie, dlatego warto ćwiczyć tę umiejętność. Dzisiaj przykład zadania na podstawie filmu Mind the gap, w którym uczniowie będą rozpoznawać uczucia głównej bohaterki i spekulować, co wpłynęło na jej zachowanie i stan ducha.

Level: B1+
Aim:    to teach empathy
            to make students aware of how other people might feel
            to practise words connected with feelings and emotions
            to practise different ways of speculating about the present and the past

  1. Show students 4 pictures of the same woman. Ss try to find at least 4 adjectives that describe the feelings of the woman form the picture. Ask Ss to work in pairs or groups of 3. Give them about 5 minutes for that.
  2. When Ss are ready, all the adjectives they have come up with are written under each of the pictures. Next students try to imagine what kind of life the lady leads. Finally, bearing in mind the life they have created, students think what might have caused such feelings as presented in the pictures. Ss present their ideas and discuss.
  3. Say that students are going to watch a film called Mind the gaphttps://vimeo.com/103459634
  4. Ask about any connotations students might have with that phrase. It should be stated that it is a sentences they will hear on the underground in London. Ask Ss to continue speculating and try to find the connection between the woman and the phrase. After some ideas are presented Ss watch the film and try to notice the moments in the film when the pictures from task one were taken.
  5. Stop the film before the final scene, discuss the situations. Why did she feel like that? Were you right in your predictions? Finally, ask your students to speculate and say why the woman is crying with happiness in the last photo.
  6. Play the rest of the film and discuss the ending: What do you think about the woman and her behaviour. Is it a good way to commemorate her husband? Why? Do you approve of the decision of the underground management?
  7. As a follow-up ask your students to write: either the letter the lady wrote to the underground management or describe the story from her perspective, as if she was writing a diary.