5 ćwiczeń integrujących na początek roku szkolnego

sie 9, 2020 | inspiracje, metodyka

Z przyjemnością dołączyłam do kolejnej edycji akcji Przybij 5 z blogującymi anglistkami. Mamy dla Was zestaw ćwiczeń, które możecie wykorzystać na początku roku szkolnego. Moja 5 to ćwiczenia integrujące, kóre możecie wykorzystać zarówno na lekcjach angielskiego jak i godzinach wychowawczych.  

Find somebody who

You will have about five minutes to talk with other people in the group. In each of the spaces provided you have to write a different person. Ask the person about one additional detail, e.g. What kind of animal do you have? What’s your favourite romantic comedy? How long have you been a vegetarian

has got an animal
doesn’t have a TV at home
drinks coffee every day
has never been abroad
likes watching romantic comedies
is a vegetarian
prefers KFC to MacDonald’s
can bake cakes
has the same eye colour as you
does some sport in their free time

Four corners

Teacher reads out four words, each corner of the room represents one word. Students stand in the corner which represents the word they would choose. They discuss their choice with the people form their corner for 30-60 seconds.
yellow                       red                            blue                           green
pop                            rock                          heavy metal             classical music
football                     basketball                volleyball                  running
city                             mountains              seaside                     lake
kitchen                      bathroom                bedroom                  living room
parrot                        turtle                        fish                            rabbit
England                     Italy                          Japan                        Argentina
pillow                        chocolate                 wine                          smile
run                             jump                        dance                        sit
Link to Four corners powerpoint presentation https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19RUubvniyHH1dBEqaVQpO3Ww-QQcUFdD66KNFV4Ie64/edit#slide=id.p3

Speed dating

Student sits in two rows opposite each other. Teachers asks one question, students in pairs answer the question and justify their answer. After 1-2 minutes students change, students from one row move right and change their seats.
Students may stand in a circle, every second students takes a step forward and turns so that they stand opposite another person. In this way two circles are formed, procedure is the same as in the version with rows.

My favourite colour is ……                                      I really like ……
My favourite dish is ….                                           I hate eating …                                
My favourite season of the year is ….                   If I had a lot of money …..  
I really don’t like …                                                   In my free time ….                          
My favourite film star is …                                      My hobby is …                                
Two words that describe me ….                            A birthday present I remember is …
My favourite dessert is …                                       My best holiday …. 
In the future I would like …                                    My favourite film is …
If I could go whenever I want, I would choose ….
My favourite writer (book, composer, singer) …
Today I feel …..                                                         I hate when people ……                  
I would never like to ….                                            I have always wanted ….                
I most appreciate people who ….                           The thing that gives me the biggest pleasure
I am happy when …                                                  I don’t want to …..                          
I am sad when …                                                      I am angry when ….                        
Two things that I like in myself …                           One of my best qualities is ….
One of the happiest moments of my life ….                   
The achievement I am most proud of ….
The most important feature of character of a friend …

Pictures and me

Ask your students to choose one or two photos which they have on their phones. They have to walk around the classroom, show their photos and talk about them with other students in the class

Silent bio

Work in pairs. One student interviews the other one to find the following things. The interviewee can’t talk, he or she can only show the answers. Find out about:

  • name
  • age
  • hobby
  • favourite food
  • things they don’t like
  • things they like
  • sport they like or do
  • ask about one other detail

When you have found out everything present your partner. Check if you have understood everything correctly.

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